Make Yourself More Kissable


If you are planning a night out for a special someone, take time, not only to look your best but also to be a bit more kissable. While we don’t guarantee a connection of the smiles, following these tips will help ensure that you don’t have any unsightly deterrents to letting that special someone know…

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Why You Need an Onlay or Crown

  Why You Need an Onlay or Crown You may have noticed that Elevated Dental performs onlay and crown services in just one appointment,eliminating the weeks of waiting that used to be associated with this service. An onlay replaces part of a tooth, while a crown covers the whole visible tooth. But why would you need…

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Dental Care During Pregnancy


Dental Care During Pregnancy Expecting mothers have a lot on their mind and a new born to be excited about. There are many dos and don’ts during pregnancy, but what should you do about your teeth? Is there anything to be concerned about for you and your unborn child? At Elevated Dental we help families…

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Taking Care of Teeth While They Begin To Grow

Taking Care of Teeth While They Begin To Grow There are plenty of questions parents have about raising children, especially when it comes to their health and well being. We at Elevated Dental love taking care of children’s teeth and here are a few things you can do to make your child’s smile fantastic for…

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The Monster Plaque


The Monster Plaque It’s fun to dress up during Halloween and do the Monster Mash. What will you be? A goblin, ghoul, wolf man, Dracula, or his son? Scraggly hair, open sores, mutilated limbs, and false teeth are all part of the scary parade. What is not fun is having your mouth look like a…

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The Scary Truth About Sugar


The Scary Truth About Sugar Keep Elevated Dental in business and eat lots of candy this Halloween. Seriously though, There are few things that can do more damage to your teeth and overall health than over-eating sugar. This sticky, sweet and tantalizing substance makes food delectably irresistible and modern humans cannot get enough of the…

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Dem Bones Dem Bones

Dem Bones

Dem Bones Dem Bones Everyone knows the song.. Dem Bones “The hip bone connected to the back bone. Back bone connected to the shoulder bone.  Shoulder bone connected to the neck bone. Neck bone connected to the head bone” and the song goes on. What about the mouth bone? Where could that fit in the…

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From Trepidation to Elation


From Trepidation to Elation I have kids with tooth troubles. Despite being diligent about daily brushing, decay has wrecked havoc on my son’s teeth. From the age of 4 he has experienced cavities and the need for fillings. The only problem with this is that his tolerance for dental situations has been the same as…

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The Sparkling Truth About Flossing

blonde girl flossing in salt lake city

The Sparkling Truth About Flossing Brushing is important, you know that. According to the American Dental Association 52% of American adults brush twice a day, and 50% of them floss daily. Where does that leave the remaining half of the population when it comes to oral hygiene? If you are one of the sometimes, here…

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