The Sparkling Truth About Flossing

The Sparkling Truth About Flossing

Brushing is important, you know that. According to the American Dental Association 52% of American adults brush twice a day, and 50% of them floss daily. Where does that leave the remaining half of the population when it comes to oral hygiene?

If you are one of the sometimes, here are some quick and clean tips on why brushing AND flossing daily can benefit your smile, and your checkbook.

  1. Brushing is fantastic, but add flossing and your teeth are going to be outright brilliant.
    Imagine cleaning up the kitchen after dinner, but never scrubbing the pots and pans left in the sink. Overtime you are going to enjoy the fumigating smells of last night’s leftovers. Your counters could be sparkly, but without delving into the crevice of the sink, the job isn’t done. It is the same way with your teeth. Brushing is only part of the process. Flossing helps remove food particles and bacteria that are between each tooth, and brushing finishes off the job.
  2. Flossing is like working out your gums.
    Your gums play a vital role in the health of your mouth. Healthy gums provide an ideal foundation for teeth. That thin string, known as floss, acts as a squeegee, removing grime and keeping those gums tight and healthy. Flossing cleans the gum line, and discourages inflammation. Don’t worry, you only have to floss the teeth you want to keep.
  3. Flossing can save you money.
    A study published in 2005 showed the connection between early childhood dentist visits with a dramatically different long term dental experience. Those children who saw their dentist before their first birthday had a 40% lower cost for oral health than those who saw the dentist after their first birthday by the time they turned 5. What does this have to do with flossing you ask? At the dentist office, especially during regular hygiene appointments education is one of the primary take aways for our smallest guests. They learn about brushing and flossing, from someone other than their parent. That can have a long term impact on their habits, and the cost to maintain a beautiful smile.
  4. Flossing encourages oral health which equates to overall health.
    Did you know there is a startling correlation between oral health and overall health? Tooth decay and gum disease not only create cavities, gingivitis and bad breath, an unhealthy mouth can lead to heart disease, diabetes and respiratory illness. Considering there are national initiatives to improve oral health as a measure to prevent life threatening systemic diseases, which are illnesses that affect multiple organs and systems, the small financial cost and time investment to floss before brushing well worth the effort to live a long and healthy life.

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