William R. Holmberg DDS

What started out with a desire to become anesthesiologist turned into a passion for helping people transform their tooth troubles into lasting smiles. Dr. Holmberg had the opportunity to watch a root canal, while on a service mission in Mexico. He witnessed an archaic practice of dentistry compared to the modern science of dental work that we experience in the United States. This experience provided the spark of interest, watching someone in extreme pain, come out of a treatment ready to face the world with a smile.

In addition, Dr. Holmberg has seen first hand the devastating side effects from poor dental care. He watched his parent's deal with unnecessary tooth pain after decades of neglect and inadequate dental care during their childhood. For him, dental care is a means for improving the quality of life.

Dr. William Holmberg studied dentistry at the school of Dentistry in Wisconsin. Graduating with honors, he returned to his hometown to practice general dentistry. ?

Dr. Holmberg explains his purpose behind his practice. "The whole modern dentistry excites me. There have been so many changes, even the past five years, so much more painless, simplified, fast, more comfortable for the guest. To take someone who is in pain and do something to elevate that is incredible. To change someone's self confidence by giving them a new smile."