About Elevated Dental


When you want to improve your smile, eliminate tooth pain, or find a dentist who will take time to explain what is happening under the enamel, then you have found the right dentist.

Dr. William Holmberg is the founder of Elevated Dental. With precision, a fine eye for detail, improving smiles, and a perfectionist practice of repairing, he leads the expedition for healthier living of all his guests. Scientific evidence suggests that a healthy mouth is an indicator of a healthy body. Our mission is to promote healthy oral care, eliminate tooth problems, repair existing damage, and improve the quality of life for each guest.  

Pillars of Elevated Dental

Customer Service

Speaking of his own experience, Dr. Holmberg recalls, “I had been in a number of offices as a patient, and as an assistant. I saw what a difference truly caring about the people made.”…>


Selected by his mentors and teachers with the prestigious Pierre Fuchard Award, Dr. Holmberg has indeed made the impact in the community of dentistry by providing care focused on precision, excellence and professional mastery....>


We utilize technology to help our guests understand the science behind their smile. We take time to explain what your options are, and why some options are better than others...>