The Monster Plaque

The Monster Plaque

monster-plaque2It’s fun to dress up during Halloween and do the Monster Mash. What will you be? A goblin, ghoul, wolf man, Dracula, or his son? Scraggly hair, open sores, mutilated limbs, and false teeth are all part of the scary parade. What is not fun is having your mouth look like a zombie’s mouth the rest of the year. So what is the culprit of devilish mouth decay? It is none other than slimy slithering plaque.

Plaque is a soft sticky film that covers your teeth. It contains bacteria that releases acid when combined with the sugars in the meals we eat. This acid can break down the tooth enamel and form cavities. Over time, plaque can harden into calculus or tarter. Tarter creates a barrier that makes it harder to keep your teeth clean. Tarter can lead to a whole other mess of problems including gingivitis and gum disease.

To prevent the acid from doing harm to your teeth, daily thorough brushing, and flossing is vital. So if you don’t want to have zombie mouth or end up like the picture, please take care of your teeth, and visit Elevated Dental.

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