Dental Care During Pregnancy

pregnant-womanDental Care During Pregnancy

Expecting mothers have a lot on their mind and a new born to be excited about. There are many dos and don’ts during pregnancy, but what should you do about your teeth? Is there anything to be concerned about for you and your unborn child? At Elevated Dental we help families in all stages of life receive great dental care, and are happy to be of assistance.

Your Gums

When you’re pregnant, you may notice that your gums swell and bleed more often. This is because of a rise in hormone levels during pregnancy. This problem can trap food causing irritation of the gums which is why it is recommended to receive preventative dental cleanings and annual exams. These appointments are completely safe for both you and your baby, and can prevent gum disease, which has been linked to preterm birth.

The Procedure

Because it is difficult to lay down during the third trimester, we recommend you schedule non-emergency dental procedures such as cavity fillings and crowns during the second trimester, or after giving birth, if possible. Cosmetic procedures should always be postponed until after giving birth. If you ever need dental work done during your pregnancy always let Dr. Holmberg know ahead of time. He can administer the proper amount of anesthesia to make sure your baby isn’t harmed and knows of the effect antibiotics and drugs on the womb.

It’s also important to make sure you are comfortable during your procedure. Stress can have an impact on your baby’s health, and it’s not as easy to get settled. We have plenty of support pillows at the office to help you to be comfortable. We also provide headphones and a wide variety of music to listen to during your appointment.


According to the American College of Radiology, no single diagnostic x-ray has a radiation dose large enough to create adverse effects in a developing embryo or fetus. That’s a relief! With that in mind though, when Dr. Holmberg knows you are pregnant he may chose to postpone a routine x-ray until after childbirth. It is best to avoid x-rays during the first trimester of pregnancy, if possible, because organ development occurs at this time.

When you are pregnant, and have questions about routine care, or if you are in need of emergency dental procedures, we understand the challenges you face. When you get treated at Elevated Dental, you are more than just another client. You are a guest. Call us at 801-274-7700.

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