First Tooth, First Visit

First Tooth, First Visit

As a parent there is no reward as great as seeing your child’s eyes light up when you walk into the room! After months of interrupted sleep, all sorts of unpleasantries left for you to clean up, and worry about the day to day challenges of parenthood, that smile makes up for everything. Your baby recognizes you, calls to you, and responds to your presence.

One of many milestones in that first year is the emergence of your little one’s first tooth! Leading up to that first tooth may come lots of slobber, gnawing and general uneasiness. For some babies the transition is smoother than for others because of their pain tolerance and overall disposition. For mild discomfort we recommend using a wet bath rag and gently rubbing it on your baby’s gums. You can also find age appropriate teething rings, which babies can use to help alleviate the pressure they feel. Lastly, you can give your baby an over the counter pain reliever such as baby tylenol, in an appropriate dose to their age and weight.

Many parents ask us when you should bring your child in for their first visit. Our recommendation is to bring them in when they get their first tooth. The primary purpose is to create a fun, upbeat experience and most often bears happy results and healthy teeth.

At their first visit you can expect for us to do 3 things.

  1. Give your baby lots of smiles and encouraging words for their smile.
  2. Examine your baby’s mouth including their new teeth. This allows us to ensure there is no tooth decay.
  3. Resolve any concerns you may have with your child’s emerging teeth, diet and other behavioral issues related to their oral heath.

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