Make Yourself More Kissable


If you are planning a night out for a special someone, take time, not only to look your best but also to be a bit more kissable. While we don’t guarantee a connection of the smiles, following these tips will help ensure that you don’t have any unsightly deterrents to letting that special someone know that you care.

Brush and floss your teeth

Brushing your teeth is a no-brainer.  It take 2 minutes in the morning, and 2 minutes at night to give your teeth a refresh.  We recommend using a fluoride toothpaste to ensure a strong and healthy enamel.

Floss. Every. Day. (And especially before a big date!)

Flossing is an important step to great oral hygiene, and good breath. Unfortunately, this daily ritual is too often the forgotten habit that instigates problems, including the need for dental treatments such as fillings and crowns. Small particles of food can be left behind between your teeth, creating plaque build up and ever fermenting bacteria. You wouldn’t leave dishes in your sink for days on end, and expect a cantankerous odor not to form; same thing with your teeth. Do your date a favor and break out the floss.

Ever heard of a tongue scraper?

Not related to the skyscraper, the tongue scraper is a fantastic way to eliminate the #1 cause for bad breath — nasty germs on your tongue. That’s right. 90% of bad breath comes from having a dirty tongue.  The good news is that you can brush your tongue with your toothbrush, a tongue brush, or you can also purchase an over the counter tongue scraper for a couple dollars at the store. It’s easy, and painless. It will eliminate the germs on your tongue that cause bad breathe. Voila! Instantly, you are more kissable!

In-house whitening

Lastly, what good are having pearly teeth, if they aren’t white? You haven’t heard of pearly yellows, or pearly grays, have you? In office, or at-home whitening kits are an easy way to brighten your smile, and offset the coloration of your teeth that comes with age, food, drink and tobacco consumption.

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