Is Dr. Holmberg Good With Kids?

Is Dr. Holmberg Good With Kids?

Moms, you don’t have to dread going to the dentist with your kids anymore.

Dr. Holmberg loves children and is very patient and loving with the little ones. He is a great kid’s dentist!  He has several great things at his office to make dentistry for children fun!

If your child hasn’t been to Dr. Holmberg’s office before, on their first trip, they are in for a pleasant surprise. This means that they sit on Mom or Dad’s lap while Dr. Holmberg, getting down on their level, helps them feel safe and secure. He asks them to open their mouth and he gets to look inside.

After they are situated in the chair, Dr. Holmberg lets them wear some star sunglasses to block the bright light. They also get to put on some headphones and listen to their favorite songs during the visit. If your child is wiggly, don’t worry, Dr. Holmberg and his staff are very accommodating and focus the entire appointment on making your child comfortable.

After their visits, the children that visit Dr. Holmberg’s office run to the “Prize Drawer” to get their reward for the dental visit.

To read about one specific mother’s amazing experience with her son, who had previously had to have the help of a Nurse Anesthetist to just make it through a filling, click here. You will find the little boy’s advice to other kids comforting and extremely cute.

Positive family dentistry can be your experience every time. Give us a call today to set up your first “Happy Visit.” (801) 274-7700. We hope this is a mother’s treat that you love and take advantage of!

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