Why You SHOULD NOT Brush Your Teeth After Vomiting (And 5 other tips to take care of your pregnancy teeth)

pregnancy teeth

If you are expecting, you have surely heard (or experienced) a dip in dental health during pregnancy. Here are some practical and effective tips for keeping your pregnancy teeth healthy.


Tip #1: Do NOT brush your teeth after vomiting


The acid in vomit will erode a layer or two of enamel on your teeth. You probably know this. What you might not know is that those layers can remineralize (reattach to your teeth) with the help of your saliva.


If you brush your teeth after vomiting, you scrub those layers off and spit them out with the toothpaste; they don’t have a chance to remineralize. However, if you just swish with some water, your saliva can be carried to all parts of your teeth and help your enamel remineralize. This will help keep your teeth strong even after repetitive exposures to acid.


Tip #2: Count your sweets


Every time your mouth is exposed to sugary substances, it takes about 20 minutes for your saliva to clean the sugar from your teeth. If you are eating something sweet every two hours, it almost guarantees that your teeth will develop cavities.


Count the number of times you expose your teeth to sugar. You might be surprised. Despite the cravings, try to keep it to once or twice a day. If that doesn’t seem possible, brush after each sugary snack/drink.


Tip #3: End on a hard snack


If you do have a sugary snack, eat something hard afterwards. A carrot, apple, or nuts will do a great job of getting the raisins, chocolate, and juice out of the crevices of your teeth.


Tip #4: If you need dental work, schedule your appt for the 2nd trimester


It is important to visit your dentist during your pregnancy. For all the other reasons that the second trimester is the best, the second trimester is the opportune time to get dental work done. You will be less nauseous and more comfortable sitting in a dental chair for an extended period of time.


Tip #5: Frequent Fluoride Varnish


Fluoride varnishes are part of routine cleanings at Elevated Dental. This treatment can fortify your weakened teeth and keep them protected from malicious bacteria for up to 12 weeks! (This doesn’t mean that you get to slack in brushing and flossing!)


And, Don’t Forget…


We are excited for you and want you and your baby to have the best health possible during pregnancy. Your teeth are part of that! Don’t forget that brushing and flossing are the basis of good dental health. If you do your part, you teeth will thank you.


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