I’m Graduating! Finding a new dentist

I’m Graduating! Finding a new dentist

Do you go to the dentist consistently? Do you have a regular dentist? If your answer to one of these questions is no, if you experience one of the problems in the bulleted list below, or if you just graduated, this article is for you.

What does graduation have to do with it? If you are a new graduate this May, chances are your answer to these questions for the next 10 years of your life will be NO, according to the Global Dispatch’s study. That’s not good. Let’s talk about why (and hopefully motivate you to keep your smile as bright as your new budding intellect).

Why Millennials Neglect Dental Care

If we just look at statistics, dental health doesn’t look bright for new graduates. The Global Dispatch, in their article “Teeth For A Lifetime: Young Adults, Millennials And The Quest For Quality Dental Care,” reports that young adults between the ages of 20-34 have some of the worst dental health of any age group in the United States. Young adults may have more dental problems for these reasons:
· Lack of insurance or funds
· Increased intake of soft drinks and energy drinks
· No side effects (Many major dental problems occur over the course of years with toothaches and other noticeable irritations only present in the later years)
· Misplaced trust in internet information (DIY dentistry, self-diagnosis, etc.)
· No consistent dentist (New grads generally move a lot)
· Ignorance of the importance of dental care

If you are a graduate getting ready to leave home, you will probably face a few—if not all—of these barriers.

If you don’t plan on changing these trends, your teeth are going to hate these next years—the prime of your life—and they won’t let you forget it in the future when you are in need of major, expensive dental corrective work.

On behalf of your teeth we ask you, bask in your new independence but in the middle of it all, don’t forget to take care of your teeth!!

Find a Dentist Near You

Even if you are exhausted after long hours of studying or socializing, don’t forget to brush and floss. That is the easy part, though. Most importantly, find a dentist and visit him/her regularly! He/she can do cleanings that your toothbrush can’t. Don’t make the mistake of assuming your dental care is great if your teeth are white and you have no pain. Let him use his expertise and warn you of problems that could become serious in future years.

New Graduates and Students

If you are a new graduate in the Salt Lake area or are a student at UofU, LDSBC, Stevens-Henager College, Westminster College, or another university in the area, we would love to have you at our office! Give us a call today (801) 274-7700.

If you need some motivation to find the time and effort to go to the dentist, look back on your wonderful graduation pictures and appreciate your beautiful smile. If, like many American young adults, you are off to college now, keep in mind that you want your smile to be as beautiful for your next graduation as it was for your high school graduation. Love your teeth and they will love you.

For all the graduates this month, on behalf of Elevated Dental, congratulations!! We hope the next few years of your life (and your dental care) will be wonderful!


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