Holy Halitosis, Batman!

Holy Halitosis, Batman!
6 Easy Steps to Eliminate Bad Breath.


Do you ever feel like you are playing a scene from Batman, when out of nowhere your Halitosis knocks your would be sidekicks right out of the picture? POW! KA-ZAM!! If you were fighting off evil lurking criminals such as Joker, clearing the room with your bad breath would be a good thing, but for everyday heroes, read on to learn more about how you can combat the stink of your airways, and knock the socks off serious conditions that may be telling you they need attention-by giving off bad breath.


“Fore-warned is fore-armed.” – Batman

Simply put, brushing your teeth and flossing everyday will eliminate food particles, bacteria and all the decomposition that goes with it. Rinse your teeth daily with an antibacterial mouthwash to ensure your mouth is sparkly clean.


“Let’s go, Robin. The longer we tarry, the more dire the peril.”- Batman

Come see the dentist! We love cleaning your teeth every six months. It’s like our hygienist has super powers when it comes to eliminating plaque buildup on your teeth. Regular check-ups and cleanings give us added time to prevent major problems down the road, and ensure we knock out dangerous cavities and decay before you lose valuables inside the vault of your mouth.


“Better three hours too soon than a minute too late.”- Batman

Get rid of the tobacco. Whether you prefer to chew or smoke, tobacco products are a fresh breath killer, not to mention the life they like to suck away. For helpful advice and support in quitting, talk to Dr. Holmberg. You only have one mouth and two lungs, let’s keep them healthy, and support a lifestyle that will ensure you are breathing easily for years and decades to come!


“No time to tarry, lest we forget, lives are at stake.”- Batman

Steer clear from odorous causing foods such as garlic, onions, and peppers, when you need to make a fresh breath impression. Those foods are absorbed into your bloodstream, carried into your lungs, and actually exhaled through your breath. Brushing, and flossing help, but the odor won’t actual go away until the food has passed through your entire digestive system. In the event of a delicious onion and garlic infused dish, carry a breath mint to hide the lurking scent from your companion.


“This is torture, at its most bizarre and terrible.” – Batman

If you take care of your teeth, and your gums and still have bad breath, it may be a sign that there is another force at play. The villain of this story may be the beginning signs of periodontal disease, gum disease, yeast infection in your mouth, or a condition known as Xerostomia, otherwise known as dry mouth.  Other perilous sicknesses that can cause a foul airplay include pneumonia, diabetes, or acid reflux.

Never fear! Batman is here!

Actually, the protagonist of this story is two fold; first, make an appointment to visit Elevated Dental’s superhero, Dr. William Holmberg. With his expert hygienist and treatment coordinators, you can enjoy a clean smile, and an accurate understanding of what is causing your bad breath. The second hero is you! Small and daily rituals of oral hygiene can pay big dividends in terms of long term well being.

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