3 Tips to Avoid Cavities in Children (and Save $$$ Along the Way)




If your kids are anything like me when I was a kid, your trips to the dentist can be expensive. Cavities in children are very common. You might ask yourself: are baby teeth even worth all this effort?


We are going to answer that question and give you three tips not everyone is giving that will protect your kids’ teeth and save you thousands of dollars on their dental care.

Why Protect Baby Teeth?


Baby teeth act as spacers for a growing jaw. If you have to have a baby tooth pulled prematurely, your child’s jaw will grow smaller than normal and this can cause hosts of orthodontic problems.


Here are ways to take care of those precious baby teeth:


Tip #1: Mmmm….Morning Breath


This tip will make it so that you never have to deal with your kids morning breath again. It will also ensure that brushing teeth is never skipped over in your hectic morning routine.


Have your kids brush their teeth right when they wake up and, if they have time, again after breakfast.


Morning breath is evidence that bacteria has been multiplying dutifully all night in their mouth. Most of us are inclined to brush after breakfast but the worst bacteria is there right when we wake up.


So, make sure brushing doesn’t gets skipped when the morning gets crazy. If bacteria eats at your kids’ teeth all night and all day, they are in trouble.


Tip #2: Limit the number of times sugar is on your kids’ teeth


The more time sugar spends on your kids’ teeth, the more cavities they will get. So, have them eat all their sugar at once.


It takes your mouth about 20 minutes to clean your teeth up after eating something sugary (including sugary drinks). If they are constantly putting more sugar in their mouths, their mouth can’t catch up and they will get cavities.


At least for your teeth, three cookies after school is better than one in the morning, one for lunch, and one after dinner. Don’t let a juicebox last all morning. It is best if Halloween candy is eaten within a few days instead of lasting weeks and months.


Tip #3: Brush your children’s teeth once a day until they are 8-10


Not only are children motivated to rush through brushing, they simply don’t have the dexterity to reach every surface. If you spend two minutes per child, consciously brushing every surface, you will get a few benefits:


  1. They will know what a good brushing feels like and they will replicate it.
  2. You can be confident that their teeth get absolutely clean at least once a day.


This habit will definitely decrease the amount of cavities your children get.


No more cavities in children!


If you are following these tips and your kids are still consistently getting cavities, talk to your dentist about alternatives like frequent fluoride varnish.


Enjoy your kid’s sweet smiles, knowing you are doing the right things to keep them bright and healthy!


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