10 Secrets to Overcome Bruxism

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If you are researching bruxism, it probably means that you have experienced jaw pain, physical tension, or tooth erosion from grinding, clenching, and/or gnashing your teeth. The good news is: there are solutions that can eliminate your symptoms.


These 10 secrets to overcome bruxism will enable you take control of even your subconscious grinding habits and get off the path toward lockjaw (temporomandibular joint disorder).


Bruxism, TMJ, TMJ treatments, how to fix bruxism, teeth grinding, grinding your teeth, how to stop grinding your teethBe Aware

Try to notice what your jaw is doing at odd times during the day. Do you clench when you are late for work? Do you often need to chew on something when you think?


Night Guards

You probably do the most damage when sleeping because you don’t control your mouth consciously. Wear a protective night guard at night to keep from grinding. The drugstore has generic plastic guards or you can ask your dentist for one that is formed to your mouth.


Eliminate Stress

Many bruxers grind because of an excess of built-up energy. Especially if you are anxious or energetic, take time to relax and eliminate stress.


Do Exercises to Relax the Jaw

Too much tension in the jaw can not only lead to bruxism but TMJ (lockjaw) as well. Periodically during the day (especially when you are stressed and before bed) massage your lower face. Click here (http://www.arizonafamilydental.com/services/teeth-grinding-bruxism) or talk to a professional for some other helpful exercises.


tmj, bruxism, grinding teeth, stop grinding teeth, overcome bruxism, stop tmj sypmtomsDon’t Chew Gum or Other Objects

If you like to nibble on pen caps or the tips of your hair, you are feeding your habit of bruxism. Give your gum away and do your best to break your other gnawing habits.


Avoid Caffeine & Alcohol

Caffeine increases your energy level, thus predisposing you to nervous nibbling habits and/or the tightening of your jaw.

Alcohol has been shown to cause people to clench their teeth and grind more severely. Drink wisely.


Try Botox

Botox isn’t just for hiding wrinkles. Seriously! Botox is quickly proving to be one of the most predictable treatments for bruxism. Talk to your dentist about the possibility of using botox to alleviate your symptoms.


Consciously Relax Your Face During the Day

Bruxism feeds on built-up energy and tension. If you take a few seconds every couple of hours to relax your face, it won’t ever get to the point where you start subconsciously clenching.


Get More Sleep

Getting enough sleep will relieve you of fatigue and stress, both of which can make you susceptible to bruxism.


Drink More Water

Drinking water can refresh your body and remind your jaw to relax and open.


Bruxism does not have to be a chronic problem. If you are practicing these techniques regularly, there is a good chance that you will be able to say goodbye to your bruxism forever!





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